Info at Dewas

Dewas, meaning ‘house of god’ is a city located to the North East of Indore which speak of royalty, tradition and culture and religious significance. The name stems from the Devi Vaishini hill in the city, commonly known as Tekri – which has a temple of many deities. It was formerly the capital of two princely states in the Puar Family where Late Dewas King Tukoji Rao Puar, the father of Vikram Singh Pawar, ruled the states with his brother  Jivaji Rao Puar. For Vikram Singh Pawar, the son of Late Dewas King Tukoji rao Puar, Dewas holds a special place in his heart not just because it is his birthplace.  It is reminiscent of the heritage of Puar dynasty across the states, wherein his forefathers ruled.

Statistics of Dewas As per 2013 census, Dewas had a population of 289,438 with an average literacy rate of 69%. Being a state ruled by the Marathas, Marathi and Hindi are widely spoken languages in Dewas. The male-to-female ratio of the city was estimated at 52% males and 48% females.

Temples to visit

• Devi Chamunda temple and Devi Tulaja Bhavani temple situated on a 300-foot (91 m) hilltop, Tekri.

•Shri Sheelnath Dhuni at the Tekri foothills  for followers of Saint Sheelnath Maharaj’s of Gorakh Nath Sumpradaya.

• Keladevi or Kailadevi temple which houses a 51-foot (16 m) statue of Lord Hanumanji.

• Mahadev mandir (a.k.a. Kailash Kuti or Girijeshwar temple) in Shankar Gadh or Shankargar, built by the Dewas King Shrimant Sadashive Rao Maharaja (Khase Saheb) in 1942.

• Mahakaleshwar temple, Bilwali – Bilavali village is situated on A B road about 3 km North of Dewas.[25]