Culinary legacy of Dewas

King of Dewas

Cuisines of Dewas, Madhya Pradesh

A trip to any city is incomplete without enjoying the local dishes it has to offer. From the lip-smacking street food to the local culinary delights, Dewas has a vast variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, rich in aroma and taste. The local cuisine of Dewas is cooked in a traditional style passed on through generations. Hence, all the preparations carry the unique flavor of the region. People of Dewas are fond of eating good nutritious food; the hospitality offered by them is unmatched.

Traditional Cuisine of Dewas

The traditional food of Dewas is an amalgamation of Maratha cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine and Gujarati cuisine. Bhutte ki Kheer (made of milk and corn), Chakki ki Shaak (made of wheat), Mawa-Bati, Khoprapak, Shrikhand & Malpua are the popular dishes of the region.

Street Food in Dewas

Apart from the traditional dishes of Dewas, one can also get mouth-watering street food in the city. Chhole Bhathure, Chaat, Panipuri, Aaloo Tikkis, Samosa and Pakode are some of the popular street food items which could be enjoyed in Dewas. Vendors rule the streets of Dewas, selling a variety of food which is both hygienic and affordable.

Fast food in Dewas

With the changing times, the youth of Dewas has developed a taste for fast food. Today, Dewas offers a variety of fast food items like Pizza, Burger, Noodles, etc. Local residents frequently visit their favorite fast food outlets at marketplaces like Maina Shree Complex Shopping Mall, Pakiza Mall Dewas City, Siti Pride Mall to satisfy their taste buds.

Restaurants in Dewas

Eating out on weekends and special occasions is a common practice followed by the people of Dewas. A number of restaurants ranging from budget to fine-dining are thus present in the city. A hearty meal with the family and friends in a good restaurant is something everyone in Dewas is fond of. Anytime Hot & Delicious, Srishti Club, Santushti Restaurants, Bangs Dewas and Mahankal Café are some of the most popular restaurants in Dewas. All these restaurants offer delicious food which is served with warmth and hospitality, providing a premium dining experience.