Vikram Singh Puar considers sanitation a key to improve child health

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Vikram Singh Puar considers sanitation a key to improve child health

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Dewas priceMadhya Pradesh accounted for 42 per cents of its children under five years stunted, in 2015-16. Vikram Singh Puar, a well-known social worker from Dewas, believes that the dismal child health conditions can improve with better sanitation.

Indian children are found to have various health issues. The maternal and child health problems in India include – malnutrition, infection and uncontrolled reproduction. These health issues are attributed to poor water, sanitation, hygiene and the environment.

Despite of a fall in the infant mortality and rate of stunting (from 2005-06 to 2015-16), Madhya Pradesh is yet one of the worst in the country, in terms of health, nutrition and education. It accounted for the highest under-five mortality rate in the country, 65 per cent.

Born in a royal family of Dewas, Vikram Singh Puar considers environment a major determinant of childhood morbidities. Children exposed to insanitary and hostile environment are prone to the menace of infections and diseases. In his recent public meeting, the Dewas leader educated and provided solutions to the people on health and sanitation.

The philanthropist informed that child nutrition can improve with better maternal care. Women of Dewas were asked to pay more attention to antenatal care and breastfeeding. Both of these are linked to better health outcomes for children. A study of 2013 by World Health Organization recommends that exclusive breastfeeding for six months is likely to reduce the levels of stunting and wasting in children.

Vikram Singh says that a good micronutrient intake of mothers can improve the health of both mother and child. Level of education of women has a direct impact on child health. Statistics say that states with more educated women also have healthier children.

The helper of the public also mentioned sanitation as one of the most important precondition and a determinant of nutrition. He is often seen involved in the social activities. He has also taken up an initiative towards a cleaner Dewas under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

The continuous efforts of Vikram Singh Puar are making the dream of cleaner and healthier Dewas effective.




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