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December 28, 2017
Dewas Prince

Vikram Singh Puar sees women famers as the Backbone of India’s Agricultural Sector

Women in the rural Indian sector form the most productive workforce in the economy. Vikram Singh Puar, who has been closely working with the farming community […]
December 23, 2017
Vikram singh puar

Vikram Singh Puar comments that electrical power an inseparable part of agriculture

Electrical power has been one of the greatest discoveries of the modern world.  Vikram Singh Puar, at a recent public meeting in Dewas emphasized that electrical power […]
December 21, 2017
Women safety Dewas

Vikram Singh Puar sheds light on the Importance of self-defence for girls

Born into the royal family of Dewas, Vikram Singh Puar is a committed people’s man. After attaining higher education from London, he returned to his hometown […]
December 2, 2017
Tukoji Rao Puar dewas

Vikram Singh Puar commemorates father Tukoji Rao IV Puar on his 54th birth anniversary

On the 54th birthday of the late Dewas king, Tukoji Rao IV Puar, his son honored him by serving the people his father worked for. Tukoji […]